Recommended talks from ECCMID 2018


1. Sonali Coulter. Cost effectiveness of AMS . Includes discussion about the Guidance ICER done at RBWH.

2. Jose Ramon. An excellent overview of cognitive biases in decision making around antibiotic Rx

3. A year in clinical microbiology. Excellent microbiome discussion in talk 2.

Talk 1:

Talk 2:

4. Jason Trubiano. E Prescribing based intervention in ICU at the Austin (pres not available yet)

5. Sepsis

qSOFA versus SIRS in a Phillipines ED.

6. A GP based referral system (goes to microbiologists rather than ID physicians which is a bit UK centric)

8. The MERINO trial results.

9. Clinical trial

10. Hot line for ID referral in EDs (Paris)

11. AMS with ID in Cancer

12. A poster about TREAT (Israel)

13. Checkpoint inhibitors


Excellence lecture by Kontoyiannis

7. Top papers in mycology

13. Antifungal MICs

14. Debate about mucor Rx

15. Debate about mucor Rx



2. Microbiome and biofilms in respiratory tract infections.!contentsessions/29876

3. Microbiome and drugs

4. Decolonisation guidelines (European)

One Health poster Session

PS088 - One health perspectives in antimicrobial resistance (#P1725-P1779)